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Return Man 4

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Do you want to play the premium flash game about American Football ?  Return Man 4 is an absolutely unique flash game, developed by ESPN. In this game everything is based on the defensive concept of the American Football. You are playing as a defender who has to prevent the opposite team returner from scoring a touchdown. It is a very difficult task, because the returner is very fast and the blockers are there to keep you away from him. You are the last line of defense, so please be very careful and try to stop the attack.

Return Man 4 is a rather difficult game. Even though that the first several levels are easy enough, as you progress, you realize that the task becomes more and more complicated. The number of blockers grows and sometimes it seems unreal to catch the ball. Fortunately, you will unlock special moves in higher levels, which will definitely help you to achieve your task. I am sure you will enjoy the full version of the Return Man 4 at our website. Have Fun.